Establishing Filters

March 29th, 2009

Filters can come in the form of networks, relationships, applications, physical filters.

  • TechCrunch is a filter of tech news, in amongst all the news, they filter the good stuff out.
  • Our Twitter networks are our own filter, filter of timely and relevant conversations to us.
  • Traditionally Newspapers & the evening news have been filters.
  • Seth Godins Triiibes is a filter in itself, a private group of people with a common interest.
  • Google Alerts setup for your niche, emails you when stories appear of interest.

How can you develop a filter for your passion? or your industry?

By providing a filter you create a barrier between the signal and the noise.  You will be rewarded for that.

Maybe even you are the filter? 

Have a think about it, create one if necessary, the best thing about it? You are helping others, of which you can build a business out of, or just build your own brand.

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2 Responses to “Establishing Filters”

  1. @MattWilsontv Says:

    Ben, my favorite filter? Tweetdeck!

    My groups–people i follow closely, people i want to get to know
    My searches: entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, marketing ?, consultant, factor77, under30ceo

    I get all the buzz I want!!

  2. Ben Young Says:

    An entrepreneur I chatted to last week has multiple monitors all set up with Tweetdeck to monitor the flow of his keywords, like a stock monitor setup! Very interesting, can deal with information in real time.

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