Google = Him. Facebook = Her.

April 12th, 2010

Just a thought.

In my tests, broadly speaking, in fact generalising far too much this seems to be true.

Google = Seeking.

Facebook = Connecting.

Again, just a thought.  What do you think?

(Background: Male Social Media Fatigue, Results from our SPCA Campaign)

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5 Responses to “Google = Him. Facebook = Her.”

  1. Peter Shallard Says:

    Spot on.

    If you take a look at Google trends data, you’ll notice the ratio of people with specific “how to” type questions going up and up.

    Google is definitely the place to go to solve problems. Twitter – the place to receive crowd-sourced wisdom perhaps?

  2. John Abbott Says:

    Ben, are you smoking something? Your recent posts seem to bear the hallmarks of a man who isn’t entirely of sound mind.

    Google is a search engine, hence it tends to be pretty useful for anyone seeking information.

    Facebook is a social networking site, hence it is a good place to go for connecting with people.

    I eagerly await your next post telling us that if we have broken a leg then we should call an ambulance rather than the local fish and chip shop.

  3. Ben Young Says:

    Yeah as I said it is generalised, in fact far too generalised.

    But if you take that view and then create campaigns geared that way I’m sure you’ll see interesting results.

    Sometimes generalising, taking a black/white approach provides big insights. Sometimes it doesn’t.

  4. John Abbott Says:

    I don’t have an issue with using generalisations to help with marketing, my issue is that you are stating the blindingly obvious by telling everyone that google is more useful than facebook as a search tool. It’s like telling us that a hammer is more useful than a banana when you want to put a nail in the wall, if we didn’t know before then we shouldn’t be allowed a nail (or a banana) in the first place.

  5. Ben Young Says:

    @John The post is about connecting gender to advertising platforms through gross generalisations. Helpful to people working on the platforms 🙂 -Ben

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