Great companies organise themselves like a family

August 17th, 2010

At least says Kevin Roberts (hinting at his next book).

I tend to agree, thanks to The IceHouse along with a group of entrepreneurs we got to sit down with Kevin Roberts CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi worldwide (but thankfully a kiwi!) and talk marketing.

His point comes from a study of 10,000 or so companies and what differentiates the high performers from the pack.  Those that organise like a family, hard working team, caring yet pushing (who pushes us more than our families) outperform the rest.

And nothing is more demanding than a family… what better way to get the most out of your people.

[He also noted, families do change, grow, separations do happen, new family units form.]

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2 Responses to “Great companies organise themselves like a family”

  1. Peter Thomson Says:

    Kevin and Mike Pratt distinguish the concept of a “team” which comes together once a week to play sport and has some interest in each other’s lives from a “family” whose destinies are intertwined.

    I’m not sure that a company just chooses to be a family, it seems they have to work at it. Did this come up when you spoke to Kevin?

  2. Bill Bennett Says:

    So long as it’s not great companies organise themselves like THE family.

    I’ve spent too many hours watching The Godfather series of movies, which could be viewed a dysfunctional management guide.

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