Remarkable Content is like a drug

March 26th, 2009

Why do people keep coming back for more on Twitter? Blogs? Podcasts?

It is like a drug, getting great content is like the mouse in the cocaine experiment, he can press a lever for a pellet of cocaine or sugar.  Inevitably he keeps pressing cocaine, as he likes the feeling.

I have absolutely no scientific proof but I suspect that is why once your in, your in.

You keep coming back to twitter for the great content & people you meet, the same with your favourite blogs they write in a fashion you understand, is relevant and what you demand.  Podcasts the same.

You keep chasing that experience….

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5 Responses to “Remarkable Content is like a drug”

  1. Simon Gianoutsos Says:

    Seth Godin’s recent “The pillars of social media site success” summarises this nicely :

    “Why people choose to visit online social sites:

    * Who likes me?
    * Is everything okay?
    * How can I become more popular?
    * What’s new?
    * I’m bored, let’s make some noise

    None of these are new, but in the digital world, they’re still magnetic.

    If you want to understand why Twitter is so hot, look at those five attributes. They deliver all five, instantly.”

  2. Mathew Sanders Says:

    I agree that twitter, blogs, and podcasts are all addictive, but the great content wouldn’t be the deciding factor – like Simon mentions I think it’s more for the social factors. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has social needs like belonging as the third layer, and I think it’s fulfilling this need to socialise and belong which makes social media so addictive!

  3. Ben Young Says:

    Thanks dudes for helping build the discussion 🙂

  4. Feeling swamped? Stop swallowing. Start tasting. « it’s not about being superman, it’s about being superbly human Says:

    […] sounds like a quote and it is one. It’s the title of a small post over @bwagy’s blog. Ben Young (that’s his full name) wonders about how addictive remarkable content can be: […]

  5. Mathew Sanders Says:

    Here’s another post I just found talking about Twitter and hierarchy of needs 🙂

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