Tablets are untapped

July 31st, 2016

We tend to group Mobile together as one concept.

But a smart phone customer vs a tablet customer are very different customers.

Smart phones have restricted real estate and tends to be someone in a rush. It’s that lean forward analogy, you’re leaning in to pay attention and get what you need.

Tablets are more lean back, casual browsing with more screen real estate.

But so, be careful to not treat them the same. They are different. And it might just be that one of those modes is better for you.

I was reminded of this, when analysing a campaign for a client. We found the attention on Tablets was twice that of Smart Phones. Very interesting. To address that we’re going to surface that data in our insights tab so its easier to find.

But have a think when you’re planning your next digital initiative, how are tablet users going to use our website, our order flow.

How do we optimize to get more tablet consumers? An interesting point of view is that often ad budgets have run out by the afternoon but peak tablet usage is in the evenings. Worth doing some targeting to experiment. With as high as 47% of internet users owning a tablet it could be exactly what you need.


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