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Bundling Internet Services

September 21st, 2008

Flick Pro / Basecamp / Hosting / Skype credit.

They are all very fragmented.

Payment & bundling is still very standardised I think there is a huge gap for innovation.  

Especially when the internal processes at internet companies are much more flexible.

Why doesn’t someone bundle services into packs resulting in 5%, 10% or 20% savings per month.


  • A freelancers pack: Solo Basecamp + Amazon s3 + Hosting acccount
  • Small business pack: Basecamp + Hosting + Yammer

You get the idea.  There is a lot of overlay of some services.  Why not reward those customers.

Take it a step further.

Build a platform so I can make my own bundle.  

Save some dollars.  

Let me share it on my blog and with my friends / family / networks and others can sign up to it.  

Imagine if Michael Arrington had his own personal plan on his blog.  I’m sure hundred’s would buy it.

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