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Test, Test, Test it all

September 10th, 2009

You can virtually test anything and everything online… there is amazing amounts of tools available to measure different things.

Measure traffic? Use Google Analytics (#1 if you don’t have basic traffic measurement installed please bang head against wall – it should be an assumption.)

Want to do Brand Monitoring? Check out Techrigy (Google Alerts on steroids)

Usability and heat maps? Use CrazyEgg (it beats Google Analytics Heatmaps hands down.

Measure E-Commerce? Set up Google Analytics Goals (and figure out where your business comes from).

Measure blog subscribers? Use Feedburner.

Find out more about your audience demographics? Use Quantcast & Crowdscience.

Want to find out which design / slogan/ offer creates the most business? Use A/B testing with Google Website Optimiser.

Use these to test your assumptions, tweak and improve again.  The web is a huge incubator for evolution or products to happen, so get evolving.

If you have any others feel free to share below in the comments…

Five Star Service [Updated]

September 9th, 2009

A while back as a Monday Ideas Post I shared my idea for a quick feedback form, you can view the original post here and the republished post on the NZHerald (where it was hugely controversial).

As a quick summary I suggested that stores add a device to collect quick feedback on your experience.  You could even integrate into the eftpos machine to hasten the process.

I was delighted to be greeted by this in a duty free store whilst away on holiday.


How neat! A quick screen to let me provide some simple feedback.  From the state of the machine I could tell it was well used.

Airports are a double sided coin as customers are only likely to visit a few times, so it’s harder to collect feedback (but you have a location monopoly so average service can prevail).

Some readers mentioned they had seen some in the original post but just wanted to share…

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