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The Reverse Integration (or interview) growth model

If you’re a blogger it works by interviewing people & sharing the content on your blog.  You then grow your authority, networks & credibility.  Often then they will link to your blog & help you grow.

The other way is to integrate your website into lots of existing platforms (same metaphor) and let them promote your offering to their network.  I.e. integrating your project management software into Xero, or eCommerce plugins for PayPal etc.

Same frameworks just different scenarios.



March 28th, 2011

Write better content

Share this.

Share that.

Forward it to your friends.

If I load these share buttons over here people will share more.


You could spend that time writing better content.  Better ideas.  Ideas that will compel people to share no matter how hard it is.


March 23rd, 2011

PTE. Planning. Thinking. Executing.

PTE. Planning Thinking Executing.

We spend our careers in two modes, doing planning, thinking and then executing.

OR more commonly planning thinking executing all at once.  Doing it on the fly.

Problem is lack of planning kills projects.  If you can pull just one or two projects across the other side into doing the planning & thinking upfront you’ll have far more success.


March 22nd, 2011

At the speed of slow

Speed, how fast are you going?

It’s all relative.

Your speed is relative to the context.

In New Zealand driving 120km on the road is a no no (it’s too fast).

In Germany on the autobahn driving 120km on the autobahn is a no no (it’s too slow).

It’s the context of the driving.  If you truly want to go faster change the context.

March 17th, 2011

Marketing Service Level Agreement

It’s not revolutionary, we all know what a service level agreement is.

But it’s an interesting service we offer at Young & Shand – a defined service level agreement.

It allows us to be agnostic on the tools & tactics to drive results whilst owning the execution.

It’s strategy, ideas & execution.

SLA’s are straight forward, transparent and hugely helpful for your customers.  It takes what keeps them up at night away.  Imagine a SLA for your car? Never worry about car maintenance (I’m sure someone is doing that).  SLA for your groceries? SLA for…

March 16th, 2011

Using the Bell Curve to beat traffic

It’s interesting to see what happens when you apply a bell curve to human behaviour.

One I’ve noticed is traffic.

If I leave home at 7.00 am – traffic is bad.  If I leave home at 7.30 am traffic is bad.  If I leave at 8.00am… well I may as well stay home and have a coffee.

However if I leave at 7.20 the traffic is sweet and a quick breeze through, same at 6.55 (and a few other times I’ve tested).

My theory is this, we all set our alarms for the same times, 6.00, 6.15, 6.30, 7.30 etc.  Rounding up to the nearest 10 minutes or logical time.  What I do is set my alarm for obscure times 6.37, 6.40.

This means that at any point in time there is peak traffic generated from the 6.30 alarm, the 7.00 alarm.  If you catch that peak wave you have slow traffic like the rest.

Give it a try.

March 15th, 2011

Throwing ideas on the wall

And then debating them.

That is constructive debate, what is the thinking behind them, why would they work? Why wouldn’t they work?

What would stop me executing them?

What would it cost?

How safe is this idea? How risky is it?

How disappointed would our customers be if we didn’t do this idea?




March 14th, 2011

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