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I post 5 days a week (each business day).

Monday is ideas post, that is business ideas or ideas i have on how marketing can impact on an existing business model.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday are all about New Marketing & Entrepreneurship.

The posts are designed to be short, snappy and to make you think.

Depending on when you got here there is a lot of gems hidden within the blog. ย To unlock the best we have a top 10 list here:

(for the first 6 months):

  1. You can do what YOU want
  2. 12 Hour Startup is gaining momentum
  3. 12 Hour Startup
  4. Challenges faced by Live Search
  5. Bloggers Pack
  6. How Vodafone leverage the community
  7. 12 Hour Startup Follow up
  8. Work Smarter with Adwords
  9. Fifteen percent on
  10. How marketing can solve poverty

(the old list, but still has lots of gems in it)

  1. Challenges faced by Live Search
  2. Work Smarter with Adwords
  3. How Vodafone Leverage the Community
  4. Telling a Story
  5. Blogging Strategy
  6. 12 Hour Startup & the Follow up
  7. Core Users are your most profitable
  8. I Fail Lots
  9. Repititive Behaviour
  10. The Best Ideas are Free

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If you are this far down. ย Thank you so much for your time and I hope you have taken something away.