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Engineering Happiness

We are the sum of our habits.

Our subconscious habitual decisions are what drive our lives.

All these little things; like whether we eat breakfast or not, we go to the gym, or rush to work, these habits impact the rest of our day.

A question then worth asking: Are our habits engineered towards happiness?

I think this is a fascinating topic, what I did last year was sit down and work on what do I do on my best days.

This came down to:

  • A good breakfast
  • Catching up with friends or peers
  • Reading
  • Eating well
  • Focused at work, satisfied with what I worked on today
  • A bit of exercise
  • Quality time with my wife
  • Doing all the little errands or tidy ups, so that I don’t think about them

When I have those in my day, it’s a great day.

And now it’s ingrained into everyday routine.

So it’s worth asking yourself – what things do I do that create a banger of a day?


October 3rd, 2016

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