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Exercise bands and distillation

I’ve been enjoying exercise bands, $20 from Amazon. They’re the ones with grips and depending where you are there’s a million knock offs.

Initially the bands were to to round out others I was doing outside. But now that I am able to go back to the gym, I’ve made them part of my gym protocol. For biceps, chest, back.

(If you grab them, they come with a manual showing a bunch of exercises to try).

And I really like this as an analogy, the bands were made to help distill a gym workout in to something that was portable. And then reversing that, it has a great role in a gym based workout.

It’s like adding chicken stock to a chicken soup. The distillation, re-added to what was aiming to distill improves the end product. Funny thought but kind of makes sense.

December 1st, 2021

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