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What sorts of problems do you want to lose sleep over? Mapping opportunity cost

If we are successful at this endeavour what will that look like? What will be the challenges with it? What will be the advantages?

When you’re small it’s easy to make these decisions but you have to know what you’re optimizing towards.

And whether, that headache is one that you want.

It’s a weird way to think about it – what sorts of problems do I want to keep me up at night? And if you’re ok with that – you’re probably doing the right thing.

The regular business challenges are a given – but also explore the nuances of the strategy you’re going after. If it goes well, what incidental problems can or will it create.

(Btw no one wants to be kept up at night – but it is inevitable on anything worth doing and you may as well check, that that is a worthwhile sacrifice)

March 17th, 2019

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