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How the open web is changing

There’s been a lot of chatter around the death of the open web.

Around the growth of platforms.

I’ve also been part of that chat.

What’s emerging, is a layer of closed apps, where we consume the internet.

But the undercurrent, is that they are all connecting, being built on top of each other. APIs are connecting multiple tech stacks.

The web or mesh as we see it still persists.

It’s not that the open web is dying its that it is changing – and right now we are in the middle of that change from HTML static files to a fully programmable and algorithmically driven web.

As users, we pick the algorithms we want through our selection of apps that we want to consume.

At a basic level, If This Then That is an example, it’s taking each of our existing apps and helping connect them.

What’s missing though? An open standard for the rendering and handshakes between different apps.

All this chatter around Facebook viewability (seeing if an ad is seen by real eyeballs or not), it’s a challenge as there isn’t a standard for the container for which viewability is going to be loaded in to. There is a standard for how viewability is measured.

What’s the outtake? It’s an amazing time to be in the market as it evolves – but my take is the web remains open it just doesn’t feel like it. Yet.

June 28th, 2017

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