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Feeling stuck?

Way way back I met Michael Gerber [post here], author of the E Myth, a solid book on how business owners/creators can level up and grow their businesses.

I bring it up as he spoke on we are most happy when we are creating, when we are in a mode of managing, managing stress, managing the news and in turn being reactive. Taking some time to re-inspire and create, helps shift us to being proactive, taking the world in our stride.

Take the time to reconnect with the things that inspire you, space, books, podcasts, games, a good walk, a TED talk, audio books, lists, writing, art, speaking, creating things, editing, sharing thoughts, exercise, perspectives.

Take it a step further and do it for friends, family and clients/partners.

Even if you start with just two minutes.

June 12th, 2020

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