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Go with the wave

It was just over a year ago I was in San Sebastian for a wedding. Having a couple of days free I decided to go catch a few waves. They have a beautiful beach, right there in the downtown, Zurriola. You stroll from your apartment, pick up your board and right on the water. Bed to beach in sub 15 minutes.

Zurriola beach cam view

See a peek on the local surf cam.

Being out on the water is immediately relaxing, refreshing and heck of a lot of fun.

Every time I go out, it reminds me you can’t force things, you just have to go with the flow. Take the waves that come. Be relaxed. And you do your best work when you’re relaxed as Bill Murray points out.

That’s what we’re all having to do at the moment, so much is out of our hands, we have to go with the flow, listen, learn and adapt. Swimming against the tide will just wear yourself out. Find the signal and go with the wave and make it your own.

September 3rd, 2020

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