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Tablets are untapped

We tend to group Mobile together as one concept.

But a smart phone customer vs a tablet customer are very different customers.

Smart phones have restricted real estate and tends to be someone in a rush. It’s that lean forward analogy, you’re leaning in to pay attention and get what you need.

Tablets are more lean back, casual browsing with more screen real estate.

But so, be careful to not treat them the same. They are different. And it might just be that one of those modes is better for you.

I was reminded of this, when analysing a campaign for a client. We found the attention on Tablets was twice that of Smart Phones. Very interesting. To address that we’re going to surface that data in our insights tab so its easier to find.

But have a think when you’re planning your next digital initiative, how are tablet users going to use our website, our order flow.

How do we optimize to get more tablet consumers? An interesting point of view is that often ad budgets have run out by the afternoon but peak tablet usage is in the evenings. Worth doing some targeting to experiment. With as high as 47% of internet users owning a tablet it could be exactly what you need.


July 31st, 2016

Dumb Data

Dumb Data: any data that hasn’t been enriched with a machine learning / AI layer.

It’s no longer sufficient enough to create and store data, you need to have the intelligence layer on top making sense of it. Automating insight and analysis.

Because if you don’t someone else will.

And then you’re left behind.

This will be the big trend in the next 5 years across most industries and its the realisation of the ‘big data’ trend.

It’s not that we’re going to be thinking about oh this is big data, that is big data, it’s that your regular products will surface insights on your data, and options to act on them.

For example, I’ve been using Gyroscope, an app which connects all your quantified data activity. So it connects productivity data from RescueTime, Step Counts, Movement & location then presents that back to you in a nice dashboard.

At the moment this is dumb data, that’s interesting to know this. But the next step is that in the near future it’ll go, Hey Ben you didn’t catch much sleep last night, we know that impacts your productivity. Maybe cycle to work as that’ll help get you back on track.

This is our inevitable future.

Imagine this, in what you do, whether you’re a teacher, a horse trainer or an entrepreneur.

Exciting times ahead! I can’t wait.

July 31st, 2016

Learnings Chats

This is something we do every month, a dedicated time to talk – asking ourselves what have we learnt? As individuals but also as a company.

How can we improve what we personally do and how does that inform our product.

Suggested by a member of the team and widely embraced it’s been a great success. Each time we do this it creates more change in the right direction. Thus improving the directionality towards our goals.

Then after reading this article from my friend Colin Nagy on how the green berets operate we’ve adopted more frequent learnings chats, after a big pitch, after a product change.

You might ask why should we learn from the green berets or the military from that matter. Well they’re designed to have agile teams which deliver specific objectives. Highly trained to execute missions over and over. And that’s what building a business is like, a stream of specific objectives which need to be constantly executed, evaluated and then adjusted.


July 25th, 2016

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