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The internet is much more vast than anyone can imagine

I’ve talked about the open web and how it’s changing, apps and private platforms like YouTube, Facebook, SnapChat have all expanded what you would now call the web in 2017.

And this vastness is hard to capture all in one place, Facebook has an idea of how vast and deep it is but no one else does. The same goes for YouTube.

In tandem, apps like Slack, are they part of the web? Arguably so. Email, email is content? Smart tv apps? Voice assistants? The list goes on.

My point is, that the internet now is very deep and a lot bigger than any of us can ever imagine, all around this premise of connected information.

And with that, there are more opportunities than ever before to learn, to create, to share, to build a business, to seek out your own corner of the internet.

September 23rd, 2017

Create things that only you can create

You have a monopoly on you, so why not use it?

It’s your time – you reap the benefit of creating something.

So why build something that someone else could make?

Give it your spin. Make it unique. Share that expression.

The world will appreciate you for it.




September 20th, 2017

Amazon Prime is Jeff Bezos Minimum Viable Lifestyle

Amazon recently announced their Whole Foods acquisition.

Mr Bezos is basically finding more and more products in your life, that he can wrap with Amazon Prime at the middle.  Once you’re a member you’re in the club.  A club where you are the star.  If you’re in, you’re in – if you’re not you’re missing out big time.

One by one they’re chipping away, they’re probably only a few products away but once they hit that sweet spot I think they’ll face another big growth curve.  Why give Amazon a small share of your wallet when they could be making your life easier with a larger share?

It’ll be phone, internet, content, products, consumables…  what’s next – houses?

Something to think about.  Amazon is fast becoming the Walmart of modern day.

I suspect there’s a future intersection between Amazon Prime & UBI.

September 15th, 2017

Should I line up? Yes/No

In New York a line outside a restaurant/shop means something is good, it must be, otherwise why would people be lining up?

If we unpack that a little bit too – my expectation of a line in New York is that it will move fast. Even a line out the door can clear in 10 minutes.

However, in New Zealand, a line means slow service or they’re understaffed. A line the same length you could be in for 30 minutes. So if there’s a line you tend to flag something.

It’s always funny when someone visits or I return to NZ, to flip it, oh a line is bad now.

I suspect elsewhere in the world, a line means something else too.




September 14th, 2017

Innovation on YouTube

It’s long been a platform I personally haven’t played with too much.

Yet, YouTube continues to grow in dominance, people are creating whole businesses and lifestyles on there.

Sure, I dabbled in the early days.

But I’m actively looking for and keen to see anything interesting you’ve seen on YouTube, whether it’s a neat business model, a great channel, inspiration. Just whatever you find is interesting.

Tweet me @bwagy or send me a note [email protected].

September 6th, 2017

Voice assistants are mainstreaming the idea of virtual assistants

I’ve long been a user of FancyHands, a virtual assistant service.

You fire them a task, they tackle it.

You can even text them a request.

The way I think about it is, adding an extra 20-60 minutes to my day.

So I get them to tackle things like; booking tables, finding me flight combinations, doing research on potential customers, finding a cafe for a meeting, proof reading documents. It’s really up to you.

All little things that yes I could easily do, but they either let me tackle something else or stay focused.

Now, voice assistants are going to take this same concept and apply it to the masses. Apps are going to be built around these functions.

It’s a massive opportunity and a big step up. The reason it’s a reality today, is the connective tissue of the internet through APIs is so robust. Launching them 10 years ago wouldn’t have been helpful, but now at this point in time is perfect.

We talk about voice assistants at home – but really, how about them at work? Potentially massive.


September 1st, 2017

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