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What about a world citizen passport?

I thought I’d blogged on this before, it seems not.

But wouldn’t it be neat, to have a world citizen passport, one that allowed freedom of movement, to live and work.

Passports, naturally, provide freedom of movement with reciprocal agreements between countries. And we can apply for visas to work in different countries.

But what if there was a passport, anyone could apply for, that gave this ‘global citizenship’. With the added distinction of being able to live and work.

It’s not for everyone, but there is a pool of highly capable folks, who can shift and work/live around the world. And if such a pool of passport holders existed, who wouldn’t want to grant them time.

It’s not without quirks, tax structures need to work within it. But it could work. I’m not sure who would govern it, UN? Someone else?

This probably exists in some form already, if you know what it is, please do share.

May 10th, 2023

Grann on ideas

I was listening to the Longform chat with David Grann (thanks for Noah for sharing). I enjoyed it so much, I ended up listening to all four of their interviews!

I like how he describes tackling stories and an idea, to go into a story and see how it unfurls. he talks on the Squidhunter, where he (over) pitched the story. Then reality didn’t match up, to the intended story. Which he was stressed about. But that was ok, the story that unfurled was interesting and that was the story.

With entrepreneurship, it’s the same, staying open minded, agile and seeing how it unfurls is key. Sometimes there are things you can shape and form, but it’s net net it’s better to see how things play out and adjust.

That’s counter, to the stereotype of entrepreneurs, but really is a skill of the best.

May 8th, 2023

What’s your rest ethic?

I particularly enjoyed this snipped of Kevin Kelly’s chat with Tim Ferris:

“I think I had some advice in the book. I put it that I think we over overemphasize our productivity and efficiency, but the most powerful thing you can do for productivity is to โ€” the best thing for your work ethic is to have a rest ethic.” -Kevin Kelly

What a wonderful perspective. If only collectively we put as much work into thinking about rest & rejuvenation, as we do about productivity.

We all have a todo list, goals, bucket list. What about developing our rest ethic, defining our time off, how we want to spend our rest time.

The chat digs into sabbaticals & time off, same thing, taking some time to wander to explore, to tinker. What else is all that hard work for!

May 4th, 2023

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