What’s your rest ethic?

May 4th, 2023

I particularly enjoyed this snipped of Kevin Kelly’s chat with Tim Ferris:

“I think I had some advice in the book. I put it that I think we over overemphasize our productivity and efficiency, but the most powerful thing you can do for productivity is to — the best thing for your work ethic is to have a rest ethic.” -Kevin Kelly

What a wonderful perspective. If only collectively we put as much work into thinking about rest & rejuvenation, as we do about productivity.

We all have a todo list, goals, bucket list. What about developing our rest ethic, defining our time off, how we want to spend our rest time.

The chat digs into sabbaticals & time off, same thing, taking some time to wander to explore, to tinker. What else is all that hard work for!

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