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Options Trading & Directionality

One of my personal goals each year the last few years has been to upskill in how I invest, in particular my personal long term investments. I’ve always had the philosophy that it is something that keeps me sharp, but allows me to explore other businesses and through that better understand my own.

This year on the list is to better understand Options Trading, having been a skeptic, I’m beginning to scrape the surface. The best explanation I’ve heard is, it’s options are about directionality, you’re buying an option on a direction of a company.

So, I’ve started with a few hypothesis, I believe this company is going in this direction, then found information to stack up and against that hypothesis. Then you buy an option on that.

I like that ethos, when you’re building a business you have to make lots of decisions on directionality, it’s not that you know precisely (although you probably have a gut feel, it’s that you think things are heading that way, and you need to adjust. Of course as the future becomes nearer you can get more predictable.

Then you can band your team around that, we’re going this way.

February 11th, 2015

Average Attention Minutes

I was in a meeting yesterday, sharing the story of how a client of ours was frothing over Average Attention Minutes. I think even I have been surprised at how instructive it has been.

This one metric allowed them to understand, where across their campaigns, their content was best at changing the view of their target market. Now it’s not telling all of the story of each component but provided a filter whereby they could begin to understand.

Funnily enough, this morning, I was browsing my old delicious account and found an old post of mine, on Time Marketing, back in 2008.

Time is even more scarce than it was then,  in the last 6 years media options have only proliferated. What I’m seeing is (finally) a trend towards higher quality story telling, whereby it’s not designed for everyone, it’s for you. I’m even more curious to see how the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple play in this.

I still think it’s a long way off, true benchmarking of time between mediums, but in a digital eating all communications world it’s not as far away as you think.

February 10th, 2015

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