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Alignment of incentives

Every now and again I’ll get back into my Economics books, podcasts and relook at things from an Economics lens.

The lens is always good for looking at incentives, how are parties incentivised, what will they gradually move towards when incentivised that way.

We’ve been looking at our new product Nudge, at how our competitors bill and what their incentives were, it helped explain a lot.

We don’t onsell your data, if our product creates insightful data you maintain ownership.  Our competitors don’t, they want to onsell it, they have to as they have priced free and gone broad.  We’ve gone high value and charge upfront.

Data is accessible & actionable, we’re pushing the data we create to Ad Servers, so that our clients can then use this data for targeting as they need.  Our competitors have to get you to buy through them, this is their margin on top.

Our objectives are sustainable growth, the others in our space are looking for overnight scale to exit rapidly.  We want to hold our clients for a long period of time, the cost of change is too big for us and them.

In any market place, look at the incentives, what is it that’s going to dictate how a company acts.  Always insightful.

January 29th, 2014

On Improvement

Improvement is about turning change into habits.

Self discipline is what gets you started turning it into a habit is what sustains the improvement.

And self control is an exhaustible behaviour, so you want to turn things into habit to make sure they keep happening.

Same with businesses and systems & processes – once there’s consistency you get that consistent output.

I’m reading Daily Rituals of Artists at the moment – very good, worth a read.

January 24th, 2014

Zig to the zag (of content)

I’m finding at the moment the web is becoming a lot more homogenized. It’s in a zag, all the ways that content bubbles to the top is becoming rapidly connected.

Top of Medium? Top of Digg? On the main media outlets in hours.

What used to be niche is no longer niche.

What this has meant is it;s allowing less content for discovery those little moments of finding gems but even more value in that discovery.

Creep to the edges of the web – what’s happening there?

January 23rd, 2014

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