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Creating a sense of ownership

That tactility, once you pick it up you can’t put it down.

Apple stores purposely tilt the screens just enough so you can’t quite see it, so you reach out and adjust the screen. Then you can start playing with it and you start to get a sense of ownership.

They’ve all been loaded with games, apps and of course internet access. Heck just pop in and use the internet for free.

How do you create a sense of ownership? Getting your customers involved so they can actually take ownership of what you’re offering.

Kind of like what Michael Gerber was saying when I meet him, the best companies allow their customers to create.

June 18th, 2012

Don't be afraid to polarise

It’s what gets people talking.

A study of discussion around entertainment content:

  • 89% are likely to take action if they enjoy a piece of entertainment
  • 74% will take action if they do not enjoy the entertainment

Via How Audiences Share and Discuss Entertainment Content.

June 17th, 2012

True Capital Cost

There’s this argument, that financial management (in this day and age) is something beyond the average capability of a citizen. We don’t expect people to be doctors right? [discussion & podcast here]

I think one simple lesson would help – that is establishing, what does it cost us to hold or spend money?

What happens to money when we hold it? What happens to money that we spend each week versus give to an investment advisor? Who performs better? (and it can be either or.)

What happens when we spend money on lotto tickets versus savings schemes? What happens when we buy a tv via hire purchase versus cash.

How does that capital earn a return. Is that return good or sub par?

What is it that we own? Are we doing the right things for us? If not maybe should we have someone else manage it.

Mostly looked at by accountants but should be done by us individually.  Taught at a personal level.  At a younger age.

June 14th, 2012

Managing the inputs

The same as a chef works hard to get the highest quality ingredients we need to manage our inputs in other areas.

Sports coaching.

Having the right team.

The reading material you consume

The feedback you listen to.

You can easily change your current perspective & ability to change just by changing your inputs.

Too often I find that the wrong outcome has been achieved as the wrong ingredients were put in at the start.  You start with finding the right chef, then letting them pick the right ingredients.

June 13th, 2012

Frustration ensues

When there isn’t a step forward.  A noticeable difference.

If you can just help people move forward, even if it’s just to help start the ball rolling, they’ll love you for it.

Instead of focusing on what you’re achieving, focus on how you can help others to achieve your goals.

It’s often the disconnect that happens around boardroom tables, focusing on intrinsically what can be done to hit numbers rather than looking at what you can take to the market to help them and in turn achieve your objectives.


Reading this sparked me to write this post: One Click: Jeff Bezos and the rise of

June 12th, 2012

The essence of an entrepreneurs genius

is in seeing that something is a far surer bet than the world thinks.

It’s not that they take unfathomable risks, it’s that their unique perspective helps them understand the real risks involved.


Via a great couch conversation with Malcolm Gladwell conducted by Toronto Public Library.

June 11th, 2012

Arriving at the same destination

A nice little assumption during the creative process:

Your first idea isn’t the best one.

It’s the most obvious one.

You need to dig deeper into the problem instead of rushing off on that tangent.  Go further, question why it will work, why it won’t.

The first idea can be the best just realise the weakness of it, it is likely what most other people will arrive at provided with the same information.  And you don’t really want to arrive at the same exact destination as everyone.

June 10th, 2012

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