Are you creating or managing?

May 10th, 2011

The key source of dissatisfaction or frustration? It’s when we swap from creating to managing.

We’re not creating physical things, new products, ideas, development. We’re maintaining, reporting……  not making actual change.

Constantly creating, curating & connecting ideas is what you want to do, create your systems so they generate. Talking to Michael Gerber of E-Myth fame earlier this year, he says the absolute best companies are those that make their customers creators, they help them create.

His business helps you create the business you want, McDonalds helps you create your meal, Apples whole product suite is based around creating & expressing.

I triple double guarantee that anytime you start to get sick of something, it’s because you’ve stopped creating.

One Response to “Are you creating or managing?”

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    […] twenty words, Ben Young, author of The Best Ideas Are Free, can give you some satisfaction. Young claims better business management, ironically, means eliminating just that. Stop managing, and start […]

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