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Apple should make a Apple Music API

The challenge with streaming 5 years ago was that there weren’t the agreements in place, now most rights holders have solved that. There is now a standard rate, which Apple, Spotify and others base on.

The next challenge, is then, now that the wholesale rate is fairly standardised, how do you innovate on top?

It would be incredible if Apple opened up a API (or a full SDK)¬†where anyone could request a song, or a beat, or a sample from Apple, then they pay on a volume like pricing. This then would mean developers could build new innovations on top, want to make a running app that plays music based on weather and speed – suddenly you could. Or a recipe app that plays you Sinatra whilst you cook…

Think of, Twilio but for Music.

Every single app could add the dimension of music, for a small fee.

Please Apple, do this.


Update: @d_jones points out that currently offer this – music as a service.



June 23rd, 2015

Piracy is now just an option in consumers minds

Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Amazon, Apple, ThePirateBay.

Like Spotify has done for music, I think the TV & Movie industry as made some real in-roads to providing greater options for consumers.

Getting those options outside of the US is yet to come to fruition but it is getting there.

And same-day releases…better, but still more a ways to go I think.



June 9th, 2015

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