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[On getting better ideas]

“You don’t refine ideas, you refine the borders for within they need to operate”

May 30th, 2010

Highlighting YOU!

There are some incredibly smart people which read the blog, here are a couple:

Robbie Mackay (@rjmackay): His blog posts, whilst short and sporadic deliver bursts of insight.

Andrew Weaver (@drewmaniac): Mixing it up, he shares great content, ideas and my favourite photo finish friday.

Louis Rosas-Guyon (@louisrosasguyon): Great ideas, from a technical focus, give it  a read.

Give them a read, follow them, send them a tweet.  At the least subscribe for a few weeks, get a taste of what they’re up to.

And I’ll be honest, I can only highlight and engage with those who I know are reading, if you have a blog send it my way… the worst that’ll happen is I place a comment or two.

May 27th, 2010

What a way to start a book!

First page of Ricardo Semler’s book “The Seven Day Weekend”.

This has to be one of the best openings to a book I’ve ever read.

It reads:

1. Why are we able to answer emails on Sundays, but unable to go to the movies on Monday afternoons?

2. Why can’t we take the kids to work if we can take work home?

3. Why do we think the opposite of work is leisure, when in fact it is idleness?

Nevertheless it has set a high bar.

If you haven’t read it, grab a copy, also grab his first book Maverick it’s incredible.

May 25th, 2010

You’re always wrong! Therefore today’s goal is to be less wrong than yesterday

A favourite of mine:

“#11 of the bwagy marketing manifesto:

You are always wrong, you just need to be less wrong than your competitors.”

It is so true – no matter your stance someone can always come up with a solid reason why you are wrong.

Don’t stress about being 100% right, you just need to be less wrong than those you compete with.

(And take action.)”

Original here.

May 24th, 2010

Chasing mediocrity

Tom Peters share’s an amazing analogy in his book The Little Big Things.  A colleague of his said instead of saying to kids, you’d better eat your food there are kids in Africa starving he was saying you’d better study, there are millions of kids in India studying to take your job.

Huge switch in mindset.  But as markets open up it makes complete sense.

If you’re not pushing, innovating or rethinking – what are you doing?

Chasing mediocrity.

May 23rd, 2010

The “not my job” people

You know the kind, “can’t do that, it’s not my job”.

It’s very easy (for me or anyone to say) they shouldn’t exist.

Truth be told, the fact that they exist in an organisation often reflects the companies culture.

However if you can change their attitude in such an environment, it’ll help, make the swing.

Reward initiative, reward ideas, reward risk.  Most of all reward those that sidestep their job description to get the job done.

May 20th, 2010

Communicate for what you want to be, not what you are.

Just wish more small businesses would do this!

Communicate for what you want to be, not for what you are.

In their outward communications, sending a strong message, which is bigger than what they are.  Then they can actually grow to that point.

It’s that confidence and reassurance that helps you get there.  Consumers can smell insecurity a mile away.

May 18th, 2010

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