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Internet Tv Shows I want to see in 2009

December 28th, 2008

Online video provides a plethora of opportunities for any budding entrepreneur.

You can do it for virtually no cost, build a small community and monetise through sponsorship or ideally associated products (created by yourself or others).

Some I would like to see (as I think you could blow these wide open) would be:

  • Lunchtime tv – tv show released every business time at lunch.  Grab the captive office audience in front of their computers.  (Integrate with thoof.com for monetisation)
  • Daily Bible Reading – Read the bible each day, break it up over the year.  Provide discussion/interpretation.  (cds, books, associated products).
  • Random Webcam – Tune into a random location via web cam and discuss interesting things about the place, ie an Amazon Web Cam? Monetise via travel books.
  • Programming – teach an audience how to code and explain logic behind it, let them converse one another.  Monetise via programming books / services.
  • Languages – bite size language instruction, same model as programming above.
  • Weight Loss – take one of these ‘systems’ and prove it, everyday with a test subject, show the audience it works.  (Sell the system).  This would be a million dollar idea.

Are you passionate about any of these? If so run with it.  Go on.  

The new year is an opportunity to start afresh.

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