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Why Cafes need wifi

April 8th, 2009

Like Airlines need bums on seats so do cafes.

In fact airlines are getting almost anything to get you on the planes at the moment, combining deals, deep discounting, rewarding frequent flyers.

Cafes locally on the other hand aren’t doing much.

They need bums on seats, drinking coffees, eating muffins, chatting with their friends.  If you see two cafes one empty and the other half full people tend to go for the half full one.  Social acceptance et al.

This is why wifi in Cafes should be ubiquitous, it is in some parts of the world, but not all.  And it should be free.  If you know a cafe owner tap them on the shoulder and whisper the secret to them.

Wifi will bring in clientele who will browse their email, maybe do some work, chat to their friends, use their smart phones to access the wifi.  Thus increasing those buying your overpriced muffins and coffee.  Cafes are about the experience, round the experience off for me when in the middle of the business day I want some time out from the office.

They are bums on seats, which makes your cafe more attractive vs being empty.

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