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Five Star Service

April 5th, 2009

Shopping at a local supermarket on Sunday I received great service from a new checkout person.  It was at that moment I thought, why don’t they have a simple touch machine where after the transaction you can rate the service, 1 to 5 stars.  I would have loved to give her five stars.

Imagine that, a small touch screen device, where you can rate the service in a second.  The system then records the rating and at the end of the day the staff member gets their average rating.

Staff realise:

  • They are instantly accountable
  • Provides a benchmark to lift the bar
  • Real time rankings by the hour (look at peaks and troughs during the day)

For the service provider:

  • Instant feedback on staff
  • Reward the best staff
  • Compare satisfaction by time of day
  • Get the real picture of what your customers think of your service
  • Stimulate a cultural change in customer satisfaction, sending the right signals to staff and to customers

And for customers:

  • Feel the respect for opinion
  • Can reward outstanding service by giving five stars
  • Feel valued
  • Makes them consciously think about the level of customer service provided

Not sure on the cost but it would be worth a try! This one little thing could change the whole customer service experience.

(Extra for experts: You already realise people are doing this on twitter (see here) and will continue to do so.  Bit of a no brainer.  Embrace the change)

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