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Five Star Service [Updated]

September 9th, 2009

A while back as a Monday Ideas Post I shared my idea for a quick feedback form, you can view the original post here and the republished post on the NZHerald (where it was hugely controversial).

As a quick summary I suggested that stores add a device to collect quick feedback on your experience.  You could even integrate into the eftpos machine to hasten the process.

I was delighted to be greeted by this in a duty free store whilst away on holiday.


How neat! A quick screen to let me provide some simple feedback.  From the state of the machine I could tell it was well used.

Airports are a double sided coin as customers are only likely to visit a few times, so it’s harder to collect feedback (but you have a location monopoly so average service can prevail).

Some readers mentioned they had seen some in the original post but just wanted to share…

In Store Filters

May 24th, 2009

I have to admit that I know a form of these are on the way.  Intelligent Shopping Carts which help you identify what you want to buy, notify you of specials etc.

However these are engineered for companies benefit moreso than the consumers.

What I would like is to walk into a store (thinking Supermarket here) – it knows my favourite brands, it knows that I always buy bananas or that if I wander down the meat section I never buy Pork but buy Steak, potentially even it can monitor my shopping habits and recommend new products based on others.  Kind of like Last.fm but for food.

So how could you implement this? Intelligent glasses that glow on the products you like.  Too geeky methinks.

Shopping Cart is a winner – simply login, swipe each product as you add it.  Hey you could even tally my purchases as I go.  Now that would be neat.

Again like Last.fm needs to be built around the customer – not the supermarket (whom just want to push more products into your trolley).  If you help me enhance the experience I will shop more often.  Simple as that.

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