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Manufacturing & Outsourcing

March 16th, 2009

Manufacturing has been predominantly shifting offshore for well over a decade.

We all know this.

Companies know this.

Yet we are still shocked when another company decides to go offshore.

People do lose jobs, which is a hard jolt, ultimately in the long run (in theory) they will fill positions that deliver higher value to the economy.

At the moment jobs are going to go offshore at an alarming rate and it’s not going to stop.  Why? Companies are set up to make a profit for their owners, until that changes, companies will explore the most profitable solutions.

That aside, what I want to touch on is being proactive.

If this has been a trend for so long, why haven’t governments set up proactive departments? That seek out manufacturers, help them go offshore but also help them upskill their workers and maximise the opportunities for them.

This would be the smartest move for all.

Why try and stop the inevitable, be proactive, everyone wins.

Personal Assistant

December 14th, 2008

We now have connectivity virtually 100% integrated into our lives.

Through wifi, 3g, broadband we can connect for the most part of our day.

We have seen the rise of I want Sandy, the personal assisant bot.

However I think this is just the start, how about:

  • Sending a dm / txt of each item of food you consume, then get a weekly summary or calorie intake, spikes, drops, improvements.
  • Same with exercise.
  • Reminder services already exist (with Sandy) but how about people assistants, ie ‘can you ring me on the 30th to remind me to do my gst return’.
  • Research, can you research Jesse James and give me a 2 minute rundown of him, in time for my meeting.  (Tremendously helpful for when meeting a new company or networking)
  • Share all this with your friends / family.

This would be absolutely fantastic and be of huge huge value to small groups.

Project Management, running virtual organisations, charity groups.

This would be the step between basecamp and real life.

Absolute magic! Can we do it now? Yes we can.  Just need someone to do it for us…..

(btw is this the Twitter monetisation play? Possibly).

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