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Collect -> Expose -> Spread

January 28th, 2010

These were the three words I jotted down in forming the basis of a new strategy.

Sounds super simple and relatively easy to execute.

The problem is whilst easy to understand the devils in the details.

What are we collecting? How do we collect? What do we expose? What’s the story? How do we get it to spread? What mechanisms are there?….

You can use a simple phrase to sell something.  Inevitably though you need to back it up with the execution of the details – and that is exactly where people tend to fall down.

Remember the details.

It does what it says

November 8th, 2009

Funnily enough I’ve had this conversation a few times in the last few weeks – hey it does what it says.

(Most of this has been centred around the Flip Mino HD)

It really is a betrayal of consumer trust that ‘it does what it says’ becomes a point of difference.  Everything should do what it says.  Yet we find (especially with technology products) that actually doing that is out of our reach.

Just a reminder, keep your products simple, people do like to buy stuff that does what it says…

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