Your here because you have read the blog, checked the about page and thought hey how does Ben earn money?

Well as you know Coaching is one of them.

You can hire me as a coach for as little as $1,000 nzd/month! Crazy huh? That’s about $600 usd/month.

You do realise that should you hire me as a once off, that amount wouldn’t go far.  In fact how many consultants can you hire to work for that kind of fee.

Am I crazy? No, not at all.  You see my value to you is best delivered over a longer period of time in short snippets, a few hours here and there, to steer you in the right direction, a half day to aid in resetting your strategy, it’s like driving a car and I’m your co-driver giving you directions, tips and support through the race.  To ensure you win of course 🙂

My aim is to refocus my efforts on a closeknit group of companies, to help them grow effectively but also to give me the flexibility to work in a number of completely different industries.  This keeps me mentally fit and challenged (which only helps you!).

Where’s the big sales pitch? Sorry there isn’t one, read the blog, check out my free manifestos (in the sidebar), get a feel for who I am, what I deliver, my style, if you enjoy that you’ll find working with me a breeze.  

My aim is to HELP YOU achieve your business objectives.

So if you’d like to work with me flick me an email [email protected]  

The extra stuff for those that need more convincing….

How am I qualified to help you?

  • Check out what people are saying about me
  • Read my about page
  • I have been involved in Internet Marketing for a decade now (wow that makes me feel old).  How many other Internet Marketers can say that?
  • Running this blog involves working with, talking and continually developing new strategies that are far beyond your typical consultant


  • Use my advice to drive your online sales
  • Automate your sales
  • Train up your staff with valuable skills
  • Resell what you learn to your customers (great for PR Companies or Marketing Agencies)
  • Highlight to your customers your ability to stay at the cutting edge
  • Access to someone who understands your business in the right context
  • Use my learnings to avoid potentially costly mistakes
  • If your based in the UK or US you can benefit from a favourable exchange rate

How much is that worth to you a month? How could you leverage my knowledge to add value to your organisation? How much time do you waste due to lack of expertise?  

Hang on stop.  What about Freebies? 

1) This blog gives free advice each and every business day.  You can subscribe below to get it direct to your inbox.

2) You can read any of my free manifestos.

3) You will also receive a copy of any of my products for sale on my store. 

I think thats pretty generous.

So why do I want to do this?

  • I love variety
  • It supports my other interests including blogging
  • I have been doing this for years already!
  • Freedom of location enables me to travel
  • Can work with multiple clients
  • The new challenges it will bring!

I only have finite time and therefore limited spots (also the more you wait the longer it takes to receive the benefits), get in contact.