Listening to the right people

November 11th, 2009

Everyone has a voice.

Whether you hear it or not is another thing BUT you can decide who you listen to.

The 1% rule online dictates that 1 in 100 people will place a comment.  As a blogger these are the people you tend to listen to.  However what about the other 99?

The same goes for negative comments, if you hear 20 good comments and one negative you tend to focus on that one.

Remember to make sure that you are listening to the right people.

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3 Responses to “Listening to the right people”

  1. Louis Rosas-Guyon Says:

    Timely advice.

    I just completed a guest lecture series at a local university. A few students decided it would be funny to flame my blog. I deleted the comments, but they have been bothering me all day.

    Thanks Ben for bringing everything back into perspective.

  2. Joel Says:

    I suppose knowing where we want to go, whom we want to be is the base line that keeps us going 🙂

  3. Ben Young Says:

    @Louis No problem dude, it was definitely something I struggled with when I first started blogging.

    @Joel Yup.

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