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An amazing (ironic) tweet I read during the peak of the recession

September 19th, 2010

Read something along these lines:

“they want to cut marketing first, ironically they don’t value it as they sit there in $200 jeans..”

Sorry I don’t have a credit (as the tweet was in passing) – but I think we’ve all seen these conversations go on over the last 18-24 months.

Do not forget the consumer, get back to people, sales & marketing – drive what drives the business.


December 16th, 2008

Zero is increasingly more and more of a relevant number.

The cost of building a brand online? Zero.  Input time and thought.

The cost of creating a movie?  Zero.  Input time and thought.

The cost of building a business online? ….. you get the idea.

Since costs are zero, what is the differentiator?


Passion for your problems.  Your niche.  Your customers.

As humans we like passion.

That’s the one thing we can not have zero of…..

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