What people are saying

I have asked a few people to answer the question, Ben is… ?

And they said:

Brett Jarman of UtopiaCreative, IANGV, NGVGlobal

“Ben is a thinker and a doer. Always looking for a better way of doing things and then putting it into practice. His tagline “Perseverance is genius” says a lot about him and shows a rare gift of his generation – patience. The time will come when folks will be saying, ‘I knew Ben when…’ so let me be the first to say, I knew Ben when!”

Jake Pearce of JakePearce.com

“Ben is…a true pioneer – saavy, progressive and free spirited.”

Cornelis Boertjens of OrangePeel

“Ben is a person who understands both marketing and websites and that is very rare. Ben’s vast knowledge on Internet Marketing and New Media ensures he can pretty much handle any project you give to him and on top of that, he is also extremely efficient. He does what he says he will and more.”

Simon Young of iJump

“Ben is…a strategic thinking, highly personable guy who’s always interesting to talk to.”

Ben Jones of Selwyn Technologies

“Ben is a fountain of knowledge in a desert of reliable advice. He’s best described as a specialist in internet marketing but also provides invaluable general business advice and is the perfect medium to bounce
ideas off.”

Francois Bondiguel of PocketSmith

“Ben is a wizard. He is always connected to people wherever he is. That’s some cool magic powers :)”

Rowan Pita of SameSpeak

“Ben is a smart kid with innovative blogs that crack the conventional box and get you to ponder outside the square. He is pretty informed about the web space and is a good one stop shop if you want to find out something – just ask him. I like his practical tips and referrals to sites, ebooks and information as it saves me heaps of time hunting around!”

Matt of DVQ

“Ben is a super talented, Entrepreneur, Marketing Expert and Blogger.  By following his great insights, anyone can succeed in marketing themselves or their business, to a worldwide audience.”

Paul Christian of LiveAps & ThePirate.fm

“Ben is an excellent communicator, consistent in his approach, and has a glaringly obvious passion for what he is about. Key entrepreneurial ingredients in my humble opinion.”

James Stewart of Art Klick

“Ben is…… encouraging, helpful and inspiring – he replies to every tweet, email or skype and is genuinely interested seeing me succeed as a start up. I am thankful for all his help and hope to be able to return the favour in the future some how. “

Simon Collings of SerendipityIT

“Ben is the one of the main slices of meat holding together the Auckland new media sandwich. Ben is passionate about trying new things. Ben is building relationships across business silos.”

Thank you very much for everyone who was kind enough to share these with you.