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Proud to be a kiwi

September 22nd, 2009

That’s right I am kiwi born & bred, that means I’m from New Zealand (for those who don’t know).

I am proud to be a kiwi, taking my blog to the world and proud to live in Auckland (*cough* 4th equal best city in the world to live in), New Zealand truly is an amazing place. ***

Where did the term Kiwi come from? It comes from the native bird Kiwi – also you may have heard of the Kiwifruit which is grown in New Zealand and marketed to the world (truth be told it originates from China but was cultivated here).


Mahurangi Beach just outside Auckland

I was brought up in Otago, originally around Queenstown & Glenorchy.  Both of which happen to be my most favourite places in New Zealand – also known by tourists as scenes from Lord of the Rings haha.

As I know most of my readers aren’t from New Zealand, I do invite you to come down, check it out, see what the gossip is.  In fact if you are coming through Auckland email me and let’s have a pint, wine or coffee.

If you are planning on doing so I suggest you check out AA Top 101 Destinations in New Zealand – it was voted on by the locals and really does highlight the amazing stuff you can do here.

*** Note I am incredibly beyond belief biased.

You wonder why Star Bucks is struggling?

December 1st, 2008

Visit a Star Bucks in Auckland and you will get some insight.

And you get American Christmas Carols, a warm atmosphere and range of special christmas coffees.

It’s like you’ve stepped into a different world.

New Zealand isn’t the states, it’s not cold here, it’s coming into summer.

How about some local kiwi drinks? with a kiwi feel?

Star Bucks ignorance to adapt to the local market speaks loudly….

Even McDonalds has realised that Kiwi’s appreciate the effort. I suspect its the same in other countries, have you been to Star Bucks overseas, what did you think?

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