RIP Advertising

August 3rd, 2008

When I say I work in Marketing people assume I work in Advertising.

Marketing is the communication of stories.ย  The best ones spread.

Marketing is more than advertising.

Advertising is no longer required to deliver your story.

There are far too many communication channels to simply select one of them.

How do you think Contractors, Small Businesses have marketing themselves over time.ย  Most of them cannot afford advertising.


  • That training hairdressers and getting them to talk about smear tests whilst they cut their clients hair has been the most effective method of getting women along.
  • EB Games never advertises.ย  They just provide a great service to a core audience who then attract others to their shops.
  • Facebook or Myspace ever see an advertisement for them? (i dare you to make one)

The answer is in talking to lots of small groups of people and let them decide if your story is worth spreading.ย  If it is they will spread it.

This is just one answer there are many more.

So let advertising rest in peace and get creative.

(Advertising firms? Position yourself as an ideas agency, provide these services)

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One Response to “RIP Advertising”

  1. scollings Says:

    Nice post. Advertising budgets are getting cut but people still expect their products to get talked about (Marketing)

    Can I suggest things like Bar Camps, Web Meet-ups etc, events with large foot traffic of the target audience. However, there is talking to your audience and talking at your audience – just be careful with Marketing that you don’t talk at your audience, you should build a relationship and trust, then people will “feel safe” to talk about your product and they will do your leg work for you.

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