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An unexpected reminder (to spur you on)

March 4th, 2009

When you are stuck in the trenches battling you inevitably hit some hurdles and need inspiration.

Inherently we are somewhat intrinsically motivated but even that can falter.

When I set up up bwagy I needed something to remind me, that yes you are doing the right thing and you should never give up.

What I did was search for ‘internet marketing’ on Seek a local job site, grab the rss feed and add it to Google Reader.

Therefore whenever a job came up it would load into my feed.  Now the key was this was always unexpected, unanticipated and it has arrived at a few crucial times. 

1) When my two biggest clients delayed payment for almost two months which in the life of a 6 month old company is tough.

2) When I started 2009 to find all contracts were on hold.

I was flicking through my reader and they would pop up.  This would remind me of a few things:

1) Of what I didn’t want to be doing which was working in a job I didn’t like.

2) Not to give up.

3) A bit of an external nudge to keep going.

I reflected on this today as I came across another item and how much value that has been. 

So what can you set up to provide you unexpected inspiration in times of need?

When it is unexpected you gain the most.

(Also if you know someone who may be struggling send them a quick note to say how well they are doing, I’ve had this along the journey from lots of random readers of the blog, they may be perfectly timed for them)

Infinite Paths to your goal

December 22nd, 2008

At some stage I’d love to return to university and finish the Physics degree I began. (finished in Marketing).

One of the theories I quite liked was that; for every action or reaction it created a space time warp.  

Such that for every decision you made, in a parallel universe you chose the other path.

Ultimately then the question came if you took the other route would you get to the same end result?

Which then lead into the philosophical question of fate vs controlling your destiny.

Which I’m not going to go into detail here.

However now the tone is set I want to talk about achieving goals and that multiple (often parallel) paths you can take to achieving it.

In my age group everyone is starting out in their careers often I ask how are you going to get where you want go be?  And of course there are many paths.

Technology forges infinite paths.

Yet this provides more and more opportunity.

Want to be come the most well known in your industry? You can:

  • Use twitter to network
  • Build a blog to establish credibility
  • Invest in SEO to ensure your personalised website comes up before the big names
  • Create an online social network
  • Build an online industry directory

Those are just some, technology has created them yet they all offer a different path of achievement.

There is no set path to achieving that goal or almost anything in this day and age.  By the morning a new one has opened up.  

Stop searching for the magic button and take one.

Whether it be your business direction, marketing plan or personal goals just start walking.

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