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Update: bwagy blogging club

October 20th, 2009

Right, I just want to start off, I have made a bit of a blunder, after a few phone calls and talking to some colleagues I need to make some changes to the bwagy blogging club.

The approach I took (along with some assistance from others) was to focus on the knowledge driven community side.  However this encompassed a larger cost (as we had to factor in the time cost of managing it).

In fact when we crunched the numbers this was going to be the biggest cost.

Soaking up all the feedback Friday and Monday – this was the least priority on your list. #1 priority is access to the information.

Thus we are going to drop it and dramatically re-engineer how we anticipated running the course.

(Oh the beauty of responding to the market huh?)

Instead we are going to focus on:

  • Delivery of content directly through email.
  • Online version will be available, as well as pdfs of information

And less focus on the community side of it.

For now the aim is to get the information in your hands in an actionable format.

This means by cutting that component we can deliver it in a much more cost effective fashion AND also deliver to a greater volume of people.  Finally we can also initiate the course on demand.

The revised pricing is as follows:

  • $133 nzd/month for 3 months.
  • $399 nzd for the 12 week email based course. (17% discount).
  • $599 nzd for the course + The Best Ideas are Free + one on one phone consultation.

The course starts November 2nd.

At those prices I think anyone can get value out of it, at the least if you can use blogging to increase your rate by $10/hour, you are paid back in a matter of days.

Thanks for your patience guys, as you know my aim is to help you and in doing that I sometimes miss the boat, but rest assured I’m smart enough to learn when to act. -Ben

(Update: Just to be clear the content has not changed in anyway just the delivery).

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