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Job Description Marketing

December 9th, 2008

Probably a couple of times a month I get a job description or two across my email, to forward to friends, field interest etc.

I always have a flick through and to be honest I don’t think they ever put enough effort into a job description.

A job description should communicate a story;

  • This is the story we want the employee to make happen in our organisation
  • The story as to why you should work for us
  • A story about the ideal candidate

Honestly if you have an uninspiring job description with mediocre (more often than not) copied/pasted descriptions your going to get average employees.

Few start ups have videos, showing the team, where you’d work, what you’re expected to do, sure I bet the results are lower but the quality would be much much higher. ┬áThat’s a story that will be perfect for one employee.

So if your looking to bring someone on board, remember its as much a marketing decision as a culture, strategy and organsiational one.

Have you ever been put off a job just by the description?

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