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Leverage your existing assets

July 1st, 2008

Leveraging is great.  Get your existing assets and use them to leverage your profit.

Here’s my idea.

Say your a Mechanic / Doctor / Lawyer / Tattooist?

Any one on one service.

Your existing assets are your clientele.

What is the biggest selling point for new clients? Recommendations.

You could go away and build recommendations into your site ask your clients to jump on.  Might work.  Requires effort.

What i suggest is jump on LinkedIn.com.  Create an account.

Set up an account for your organisation and each of your individual service level staff.

Instead of sending clients emails.  Ask them to add you as a connection on LinkedIn.

Customers with great experiences will send through recommendations.

(Lesson: go where your customers are)

Set your profile to Public.  Search engines will pick it up.  So new clients ‘googling’ you can find you and all your recommendations.

Take it one step further.  Create a Networking group on LinkedIn ie PBC & Son Networking Group.  Allow your clients to network with other clients.  Help them (help you).

All of this only takes a few hours to setup.  No fee.   So what are you waiting for?

For the naysayers:

  • what if i get bad reviews? Deal with it. Buck up.  It will provide a balanced view.
  • The downside of not doing this is the lost potential of utilising the 100 people this year that had a fantastic experience
  • Going to where the customers are breaks down the barriers, you will get more reviews
  • Are you going to go to a doctor / mechanic that has no reviews over the one that has 50 reviews in the last 6 months from satisfied clients.
  • No money down.

Just another idea for you.  Chucking it out there.  As usual, those whom are motivated will reap the rewards.

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