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Media should be fined for factual inaccuracies (or distortions)

October 5th, 2009

Have been fatigued with mainstream media for quite some time.

I can’t watch one hour of the news without pointing out an inaccuracy.

The common ones are:

  • Distortion of statistics, establishing causation or correlation in statistics where there is no link.  (My #1 gripe). (Does no news network ever have a statistician validate numbers?!?!!)
  • Misquoting, taking a 5 second sound bite out of a larger conversation.  Using this you can slur a story anyway you want.
  • Hearsay reported as fact.
  • Blatant delivering a press release as news (ie human interest story solved by a new product).

Media should be fined for misrepresentation, I am happy for them to say their ‘may’ be a link between these or to say rumour has it.  But be honest, say what it is.  Otherwise you should get fined for it.

And lets be honest they’re never going to report news saying it’s based on hearsay.  As you will realise it’s rubbish – or is that just the definition of mainstream media in the 21st century?

What do you think?

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