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Twitter as a platform for keeping fit

October 5th, 2008

I have been thinking a lot about Twitter and the communications channel it provides.

A few points:

  • Captive audience (9 – 5 office audience)
  • Short, sharp, snappy messages
  • Low interaction cost
  • Anonymity & transparency (for those who operate under their name)
  • High authenticity

So what services would then bode well under these conditions? Quite a lot, Competitions, Market Research, News…here’s one I have been chewing on:

Fitness Plan

Offer a free fitness plan, where you have a trainer, throughout the week putting out exercises you can do in your office (or from your desk).  

Imagine engaging several hundred local people to do the same exercise at the same time and report back (kind of flashmobbing but in the office).  

Keeping fit is a big problem for office workers.  You can then engage with the audience and help them keep fit.  

Monetisation models are numerous: upselling, selling gear, consultations, build a community, sponsorship. 

Take it further, exercises to reduce Occupational Overuse Syndrome (oos), dietary?

Oh and you can use it as a feedback tool to find out immediately the difficulties your market are having and help them. (Help me help you)

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