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Pushing through pain

October 13th, 2009

Naturally we shy away from pain.  However there are times when we should push through it and others where we should just quit.

You probably have heard someone say if it’s not coming easy, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it and to back off let it happen naturally. (ie if you ought to be doing it it should be easy).


You are doing something completely new and it’s painful because you haven’t experienced it before – you should push through.

So which is it?

There is no strict answer, you learn through experience.

However in the meantime pick up The Dip and have a read, helps you learn when to stick and when to quit.

Hidden Inefficiencies

November 16th, 2008

Google is a multi billion dollar company by wrapping up two inefficiencies, search and advertising.

They shifted the market from an inefficient state to a much more efficient one.

Others would be Youtube, Ebay, iTunes.

First step is to identify ‘hidden inefficiencies’, in that they exist, yet a solution hasn’t been made yet.

Then to build a business around solving it.

We all hear about ideas that are so simple but the opportunity was missed as we aren’t involved in that niche industry.

So my idea is for a business to simply spend all its time aggregating these inefficiencies and present them to entrepreneurs to solve, thus taking the information market for these from inefficient to efficient.

Imagine though, being able to have access to 1000 industry wide problems in 1000 totally different industries.

I wonder how much overlay there are between them, so you could solve many issues at once.  

(and think about how much it would improve each of these industries)

Now that would be awesome! Don’t you think?

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