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Where the Platform play falls down

January 20th, 2009

The platform play is a common one in niche industries.

It can be very successful.

However a recurring problem (and downfall) is a lack of focus.

Imagine your platform is like a big slab of concrete on a vacant lot.  This is your platform.

It can be anything; a carpark, a basketball court, a place to throw your rubbish.

Without direction it is open to interpretation.  It may even remain abandoned.

There may be easy road access so people park there; maybe the sun is really bright so people sunbath, maybe there are fences so people play sports inside.

As the owner of the platform, you need to pick a path, direct the audience towards that, open up to other opportunities later.

If you be everything to everyone you become nothing.  

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Bundling Internet Services

September 21st, 2008

Flick Pro / Basecamp / Hosting / Skype credit.

They are all very fragmented.

Payment & bundling is still very standardised I think there is a huge gap for innovation.  

Especially when the internal processes at internet companies are much more flexible.

Why doesn’t someone bundle services into packs resulting in 5%, 10% or 20% savings per month.


  • A freelancers pack: Solo Basecamp + Amazon s3 + Hosting acccount
  • Small business pack: Basecamp + Hosting + Yammer

You get the idea.  There is a lot of overlay of some services.  Why not reward those customers.

Take it a step further.

Build a platform so I can make my own bundle.  

Save some dollars.  

Let me share it on my blog and with my friends / family / networks and others can sign up to it.  

Imagine if Michael Arrington had his own personal plan on his blog.  I’m sure hundred’s would buy it.

Platforms are about opportunity

August 24th, 2008

Platforms are about opportunity.

Using our platform imagine the possibilities.

Using Fontera (a milk co-operative) as your platform you can suddenly reach unreachable markets.

Using Facebook as a platform you can engage with your customers in new ways.

Using Basecamp as a platform to organise your business from you can suddenly run your business from any location easily.

I have written about Platforms before but I’ve been chewing them over moreso of recent.

How can I turn these resources into a platform for others? How could I modify our systems to provide a platform for others (and operate as a saas)

Some ideas i’ve had is:

Turn my productivity system into a platform for others to use

Turn our research writing systems into a service to other organisations wishing to collate information

Turn our Marketing systems into Software as a Service

Stop and think about your existing systems / services, could you rebundle those into a platform? Maybe you should? or maybe just critically thinking about it will help you manage your existing resources or platforms better.


June 15th, 2008

Platforms used to be something you stood on whilst you waited for the train.

Platforms now are shaking up industries.

A platform for users to buy any book they want. Amazon.

A platform for businesses to sell anything they want. Ebay.

A platform for any business to advertise to anyone. Google.

Question is, how can YOU deliver a platform in your specialty.

How about:

  • Product design | Imagine the efficiencies you would gain providing a platform for product designers to meet with clients.
  • Electricity supply? | Provide a platform for anyone/everyone to generate and sell their own electricity?
  • Doctors visits | Hard one.  But now impossible.  What are your thoughts?
Remember, a platform is: a framework that provides a catalyst for interaction.
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