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Build processes to avoid paralysis

September 27th, 2009

Paralysis kills business, procrastination is cited as one of the biggest regrets by owners of failed small business.

When you have a small team, procrastinating for a few hours can be a huge cost, as each person carries a larger impact on the bottom line.

What I suggest is develop some systems or processes to highlight when it is happening, then how to deal with it, much better to identify and deal with it now rather than tomorrow.

It doesn’t take long and is well worth your time investment….

101 Tasks

September 23rd, 2009

The ultimate brain dump.

When the pressure is on, I find the easiest way to gain clarity is to just write own each and every task that needs to get done.  From paying the electricity bill to client work.  It all matters as it all adds stress.

Then I am able to quickly evaluate what is important and what isn’t.  A simple activity that you don’t need to do day to day but when the crunch on this simple task helps get the stress out of your mind and onto paper.

DHL increases prices by just over 2% in a decade…wow?!?

July 14th, 2009

A colleague of mine was running a DHL press conference last week and invited me along as a blogger (they just opened a big distribution centre locally).

During the Q and A one of the guys from DHL stated they have only increased prices twice in the last decade, one at 0.75% increase the other just over 1% making for ~2% increase.

That is amazing if you ask me.  As a point of comparison during that time crude oil prices (a driving cost in logistics) have gone from (inflation adjusted) $21.12/barrel in 1999 to $126/barrel in 2008! Source: InflationData.

How did they achieve it?

Well DHL has an internal measure (and belief) that they shouldn’t have to increase prices as long as they focus on productivity gains.

By driving productivity as costs increase DHL have actually been quite successful don’t you think?

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