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The reality gap between an idea and implementation

October 26th, 2009

The reality gap is huge.

In writing my previous post, From living a nightmare to living the dream, when you look at the steps.  They read quite easily, simple basic steps to implement.  And they are.

Often [with an idea] you find the problems and solutions to overcome the barriers to implementation – however the timing between each step can be vast.

They all involve steps from A to B.  The problem can be the this huge gap – the void in between these steps.

What you have to realise is that whilst it has taken someone else 3 months to conquer it, it may take you much longer, or even shorter.

In reviewing often I find I struggle majorly with a few crucial steps, then blitz through others.  Talking to others you find that they struggle with different steps.

This isn’t really groundbreaking but is more a tap on the shoulder to say, hey, don’t stress, these things take time…

How Marketing can help solve Poverty

October 14th, 2008

Today is as some of you may know BlogActionDay.

Blogs all around the world are going to talk about Poverty.

Their take on it.

Objective: stimulate conversations around poverty.

Many of you will know i’m a huge advocate of Kiva, discussing it here Giving something back.


We all know Poverty exists. It is just out of touch.  We can’t touch it, or feel it, or have it affect our daily lives.

It is easier to let it exist, somewhere over there, out of sight out of mind.

To be frank, it’s bullshit but it’s a fact

So how could we change that?

How can we make Poverty real.  To everyone.  

If we expose it, people will just block it out.

Stop looking at the bad.

Start looking at the good.

And no i don’t mean, the upsides of poverty.

Share the good times, the experience, the world through which people in poverty live in.

Take Mara Triangle for example, a wild life game reserve in Kenya.  They brought it direct to us via their blog and twitter.  Raising both money and their profile.


EnglishRussia.com, something cool happens daily on 1/6 of the earth.

Take one or both of these models.  

Bring the experience direct to us.  Give us stories to discuss, give us a conversation to tell our families, give us a connection.  Give us meaning!

That’s how marketing can help Poverty.


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