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Steve Jobs: "Real artists ship."

February 2nd, 2010

Following up my post On Doing Things… (and as Seth reminded me in this podcast) I wanted to share a great Steve Jobs quote: “real artists ship”.

That is there is a huge void between the ‘we tried’ and ‘we shipped’.  If you don’t ship you don’t get anything.

If you do ship then that is vastly different.

Listen to the podcast and think about it.

Plumbers don’t get Plumbers Block but writers get writers block? It really is just a battle of the mind.

Your mind says no but you need to push through.

That’s why the latter option mentioned in my previous post of “Get it out the door asap 80% done.  For you will make mistakes anyway.  Best get first one out the door so the second, third, fourth are even better.” works best when you’re doing something new, different, innovative… ie worth doing.

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