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Chasing mediocrity

May 23rd, 2010

Tom Peters share’s an amazing analogy in his book The Little Big Things.  A colleague of his said instead of saying to kids, you’d better eat your food there are kids in Africa starving he was saying you’d better study, there are millions of kids in India studying to take your job.

Huge switch in mindset.  But as markets open up it makes complete sense.

If you’re not pushing, innovating or rethinking – what are you doing?

Chasing mediocrity.

The Clever Guy

January 13th, 2010

Admit it we’ve all been the clever guy.

You know the one that always comes up with remarkable out there ideas to a problem.

“We can do it better!”

When just as often there is no real need to reinvent the wheel, a simple solution is best.

But don’t ever quell that guy for it’s their nudges that breakthroughs come about.

(And that’s when the wheel really gets redefined!)

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