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Remember the Big Red Button?

September 11th, 2008

You click it. What does it do?

Who knows?ย wow

The intrigue, the curiousity, the excitement

Then it did nothing

But it could do something right?

Maybe next time

Yet we would still spread the story, hey have you searched for the big red button? have you pressed it? You should to see what it does.

I remember being 14 or so and searching yahoo / lycos for the big red button.

What was interesting is, this spread before social bookmarking, digg, networking, just with plain old emails or moreso (actual) word of mouth, person to person.

Simple idea online, spread virally. Just to reminisce with the rest of us.

Wonder if we will see it come back as a Facebook app?

For those of you who missed out, revisit what was (not really) cool in 1999 introducing the big red button.

Ten Years on it still spreads!

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